second hand clothes wholesale

We specialize in the sale of used, sorted clothing from England and Scandinavian countries. We deliver the highest quality, first-class sorted clothing to customers throughout Poland and Europe We fulfill small orders and also supply large stationary stores in large quantities.

Low volume

We fulfill orders for single boxes. One order from 25 kg.

The best quality

We rely mainly on D2D and C4C collections from the best districts.

CREAM clothing

Perfect for individual customers and shops – no waste, holes, stains

Unsorted Denmark

Goods from collections in original, unsorted condition.

Wholesaler of used clothes in Silesia

Our wholesaler is located in the Silesian Voivodeship. Please contact us.

Why buy used clothes from

We specialize in the sale of sorted used clothing, putting a lot of work, heart and precision into this process. The final product we produce is very well selected in terms of quality, and our offer is very extensive. We distinguish different types of sorted clothing, sorting clothes by season, gender and type. We also fulfill non-standard orders according to our clients’ specifications. Oprócz odzieży sortowanej, handlujemy również świetnej jakości oryginalną odzieżą niesortowaną. We invite you to contact us and cooperate.

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    Phone: +48 532 808 797

    Clothing from Scandinavia

    Second-hand clothes from Scandinavia
    Second-hand clothes Scandinavia
    Sorted clothing Scandinavia
    Second-hand clothing Norway
    Second-hand clothes from Norway
    Unsorted Norway
    Sorted clothing Norway
    Second-hand clothes Sweden
    Unsorted Sweden

    Clothing from England

    Second-hand clothes England
    Second-hand clothes from England
    Sorted clothing England
    Sorted clothing from England
    Unsorted England
    Unsorted from England
    Unsorted England D2D
    D2D used clothing